Energy Ratings

Request an Energy Rating:

If you are a builder or homeowner interested in having an energy rating analysis and report, there are a number of certified energy raters in our network who operate in the Midwest. If you are located in Central Indiana, feel free to contact us to request a rating. Otherwise, our Rater Directory has the contact information for raters in other locations. 

About Energy Ratings:

A home energy rating is a standard way to measure the energy efficiency of a residential home. An energy rating considers home characteristics such as air and duct leakage, insulation levels, window efficiency, wall-to-window ratios, the heating and cooling system efficiency, the solar orientation of the home, and the water heating system. These factors influence the score each house receives on a standardized scale that is based on a national energy code. This score determines whether a house is an ENERGY STAR home. Energy ratings benefit home buyers by allowing a comparison between the energy costs of new homes. A rating can benefit an existing homeowner by providing a specific analysis of cost-effective energy improvements. An energy rating can also document code compliance on a performance basis. Builders can benefit from energy ratings by analyzing what materials and building techniques add to or detract from the energy efficiency of a newly constructed home. Builders can also apply for a tax credit on every house they build if it meets certain energy criteria. To learn more about energy ratings and the standards that govern them, you can visit the Residential Energy Network (RESNET) web site or the ENERGY STAR Homes Program web site.