About EEHM

Energy Efficient Homes Midwest, Inc. is a leader in the residential energy efficiency industry. EEHM, and its earlier incarnations, has processed energy ratings on more that 100,000 homes and has trained over 400 prospective raters. EEHM works with homebuyers, builders, and building contractors to promote the best building practices when it comes to cost effectively building a longer lasting more efficient home. 


To increase residential energy efficiency and provide more affordable housing in the process. 


RATINGS - EEHM is a certified HERS rating company. EEHM can provide verification on residential housing for the Energy Star Homes, 2005 EPACT Energy Efficient Home Tax Credit, and LEED for Homes programs and can check for code compliance. Visit our ratings page to learn more.

HERS PROVIDER - EEHM is an accredited HERS rating provider. 

CONSULTING - EEHM can offer consulting services for builders and institutions interested in energy efficiency and home owners interested in an improvement analysis on their house.


HERS - Rater, Rating Provider, and Training Provider

EPA ENERGY STAR - Energy Star Partner